Land of Magic

by Kao and the Mind Melt

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released November 29, 2014

Music by Kao Kazlauckas & Braulio Almeida, lyrics by Kao Kazlauckas & Mariana Lamas. Recorded and produced by Braulio Almeida, voice by Kao Kazlauckas.
Artwork by Braulio Almeida.



all rights reserved


Kao and the Mind Melt Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Kao Kazlauckas - Guitarist, Vocalist

Braulio Almeida - Guitarist, Keyboardist, Producer

Gabriel Feitosa - Drummer

Romulo Collopy - Bassist

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Track Name: Agressive Ocean
I fell in love
Travelling in an airplane
She asked what was my name
I knew that I was not the same

Sun is the color of yellow
Clouds are made of marshmallow
Blue is the sky, he is my fellow
Your voice sounds like a cello

You are my favorite girl
You are my favorite song
You are my favorite trip
You are my favorite secret

Feeling the world' motion
Crossing the pacific ocean
I tasted your magic potion
I didnt know that I had a superstition notion
Track Name: Dr. Fritz
The fantastic Dr Fritz
Has a travelling show
He is coming to your town tonight
He turns dakness into light
Don't be confused
He is not what he seems
He will make you question everything

Dr fritz was born in dusseldorf
His father died when he was nine
He has always been a quiet and misterious lad
No wonder why he leads such life
Track Name: The Wizard
Monday or sunday
I live hiding
I go to sleep when the sun shines
My name is secret
This is your desire
You can call me when your diamond shine

You can shake my hand
You can spend my money
You can't buy a friend
You can't buy her love

Trying to return to the real world
Building a new balloon
To the land of magic

There is no way out if need
If don't have someone to love
There is no magic to buy sincerity
Of a true love of an enemy
Track Name: Trickster, the Crow
Blackbird spy flies through the night
Looking for life on the otherside
Breaking taboos he can enter your mind
It's either sacred or wild

Blackbird crows mocking your face
Spirit animal
Stealer of soul